Zinc (Zn) – It is necessary for the process of growth and development, neurological function, reproduction, and immune response.

Without zinc, there is no synthesis of proteins and genetic material (DNA), cell division, bone formation, and integrity of skin, hair, and nails. One of the most well-known roles is certainly the contribution to the normal function of the immune system since it affects the creation and activation of T-lymphocytes, white blood cells important in the fight against infections.

Food And Zinc

Foods rich in zinc are oysters and seafood in general. Milk, dairy products, and poultry meat contain zinc to a lesser extent. Plant foods, it is most abundant in whole grains, legumes, and seeds.

A lack of zinc brings with it numerous problems such as frequent infections, hair loss, weaker cognitive abilities, and difficulty in wound healing. There are many forms of zinc on the market, but better absorption has been scientifically proven if the zinc is bound to picolinic acid. Zinc picolinate can be absorbed much better by the body than, for example, zinc citrate, which is found in many nutritional supplements.

On the web shop, you can find zinc picolinate that is taken daily or a slightly stronger zinc picolinate plus that is taken in one capsule every other day.

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