Silicon is known as a mineral that is often used in the cosmetic industry, but we also associate numerous health benefits with it. It promotes the strengthening of connective tissue and bones, strengthens nails and hair, and stimulates skin health.

Silicon plays an important role in the prevention of atherosclerosis and skin diseases. It is needed to maintain joint flexibility and strengthen bones. It is present in the human body in the form of derivatives and silicic acid. It will stimulate the absorption of vitamin D, calcium, and glucosamine. Silicon plays an important role in improving calcium absorption for the growth and maintenance of joint and bone health, stimulates collagen production, and improves bone flexibility. It will also help prevent bone fractures.

Silicon Deficiency

Symptoms of silicon deficiency are first noticed in the connective tissue. Lack of silicon intake can cause the weakening of hair, and bones, brittle nails, and signs of premature aging.

Silicon In The Food

The best sources of silicon are apples, cereals, raw cabbage, peanuts, carrots, onions, cucumbers, pumpkins, honey, fish, oats, almonds, and oranges.

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